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The NYC Gifted and Talented test (Level A) is offered to pre-K and Kindergarten students residing within the five boroughs of NYC. 

The NYC G&T Workbook & Practice Tests (e-book) offers:  
 **Two practice exams based on the OLSAT Level E (72 multiple choice questions on each exam).

(If you wish to buy just the NNAT e-book or the OLSAT e-book, click here or here).
**Skill-builder exercises and practice questions on every topic to help your child improve the logical and visual reasoning skills required to excel on the G&T test
**Specific test-taking techniques for every question type to develop strategic thinking and build confidence
**In-depth review of exam content so your child knows what to expect on test day


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About The Book

93 Skill-Builders & 267 Practice Questions To Help Your Child Build The Reasoning Abilities Needed to Excel on the Test.

 ​** 93 Skill-builder exercises to help your child improve the problem solving and reasoning skills required to excel on the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (NNAT®2). Includes activities on “What Does Not Belong”, “Connecting and Taking Apart Shapes, “Puzzles and Patterns” and “Sequences.”

**108 NNAT-2 practice questions covering all four question types to help your child improve the visual reasoning skills required to ace the test, including “Pattern Completion”, “Reasoning by Analogy”, “Serial Reasoning”, and “Spatial Visualization.”

**159 OLSAT® practice questions covering all four question types to help your child improve the logical reasoning skills required to excel on the OLSAT, including quesitons on Following Directions, Aural Reasoning, Arithmetic Reasoning, Analogies, Classifications, Series, and Pattern Matrices.

Exam Overview and Test-Taking Tips To Help Your Child Have an Advantage

We offer an in-depth look at the exam's structure and content, and inclde all the test-taking tips and strategies we provide our one-on-one clients. These strategies help students avoid mistakes, tackle the most challenging questions in each sub-test, and improve their confidence so they can achieve their best score on the G&T test.
Detailed descriptions of question types and answer keys also included.

BONUS: NNAT and OLSAT Practice Tests To Pinpoint Your Child's Strengths and Weaknesses

Full-length practice tests that resemble the OLSAT and NNAT in terms of difficulty level, question type distribution, and structure. Use the practice tests as a diagnostic to identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

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  • Testimonial for NEST+m Prep Guide & One Practice Test


    "It helped my son prepare for what might be on the NEST test and helped him get used to the types of question he will have to answer. It was also useful to have an answer key with all the different question types as well as to have the answers explained step by step (as some were quite tricky, even for me!)"


    Julie Q
    Parent of Jack S

About The Author

Scott Spizer is the founder of Origins Tutoring, which specializes in preparing kids ages 4 - 13, for tests admistered by NYC gifted and talented programs and schools.

Scott grew up in Manhattan and graduated from Yale University.  Scott continues to coach students one-on-one in New York City as well as students all over the world via Skype. 

Scott Spizer

NEST+m Test Prep Book

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